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About Us

When our child was born with severe physical disabilities as a result of an irreversible brain injury, my wife and I decided that we would attempt to lead as “normal” a life as possible, of which taking family holidays were key. This allowed us to enjoy quality time with our son, take a break as a family and re-charge our batteries in order to continue our care for him to the best of our ability.

Given our child’s disabilities, it’s fair to say that we fully appreciate the difficulties and stress associated with travelling and packing for a special needs person, especially when it involves special needs equipment. It is these challenges which have inspired us to share some of our learnings of increased requirements in terms equipment, handling, seating, changing, bathing and so on...this is why we created

We hope that we can make at least some aspects of your travel easier – and hence more enjoyable – by offering you an opportunity to book a range of special needs and mobility equipment prior to your departure, so that it is ready for you upon arrival at the airport, station or hotel.